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Complete Buying Guide for Omega Watches • Gear Patrol

Complete Buying Guide for Omega Watches • Gear Patrol

First moon view. The basic James Bond model. Worn on the wrist of JFK and Mikhail Gorbachev at their opening ceremony and Mao Zedong's wrist for 31 years. Elvis Presley used to cruise in purple at Cadillac, and immediately George Clooney runs one cruise on Vespa. The paradigm-shifting mechanical movement designed by the most important watchmaker of the 20th century. The only model that basically competes and typically dominates Rolex. The Babe Ruth fashion is among the most accurate clocks on the earth and the official time of the Olympics. This is one among Omega, one of the largest Swiss watchmakers ever.

Omega has been round for one or the other since 1848, however right now's composition is strongly based mostly on its basic mid-20th century models. Though Omega has not developed as slowly as Rolex, Omega has progressively developed their bells so that they really feel each historical (however not anachronistic) and trendy (albeit not fashionable).

George Daniels was Orvo in London, who within the 1960s and 70s sought to right the friction drawback of the usual "lever-free", which had been regulated by mechanical watches for almost three centuries. He drew a friction drawback that provided the first vital horological contribution over lots of of years, and he referred to as it part of the axial escape.

Omega acquired the patent in 1999 and has just lately built new high-tech units to draw coaxial escape – and their Master Chronometer program – to the 21st century. The coaxial mechanism, Omega, claims to scale back maintenance intervals (which reduces the price of ownership) and helps keep accuracy. If you buy Omega, which now has an axial movement, you get a complicated mechanism and an essential horological history.

Though coaxial escape is a critical innovation, one "trend" Omega has followed, nevertheless, is the obsessive manufacturing of at this time's limited variations. While we will't drive you all the LE's right here (they've typically gone inside a few minutes of the discharge), we encourage you to comply with their curiosity when you have one.

The Omega kernel has a quick guide that will help you get to know the Omega panorama and present you specific clocks that showcase the most effective deals on the brand. We’ve determined not to present all obtainable fashions for readability and short-term effect, but this guide is an effective start line

Buying Guide


Originally designed for motor sports and also known as Porsche 911 watches, Speedmaster turned The Moonwatch when Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon in 1969 as a result of he had a reliable cape ST105.012. Right now's Speedmasters have quite a lot of sizes and styles, historically correct hopes and strong golden diamond shades, very mild carbon-technical wonders. Listed here are 4 Speedmasters to find out about.

Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph 42mm

An necessary model, this can be a trendy grip on the original Speedy, which embellished Buzz Aldrin's wrist 50 years in the past when he set foot on the moon.
Measurement: 42mm
Case Materials: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Chrome steel (including leather)
] Movement: Ref. 1863 mechanical
Worth: $ 5,350

Speedmaster Skilled Chronograph 39.7mm

A smaller and sporty strong case, this model is more vintage-y than its greater cousin. This watch is marked with the first omega area as a result of it is based mostly on the mannequin included with Wally Shirra when he circles the ground in 1962.
Measurement: 39.7 mm
Case Materials: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Leather
Movement: Ref. 1863 mechanical
Worth: $ 5,300

Speedmaster Moonwatch Omega Axial Chronograph 44.25mm "Dark Side of the Moon"

Trendy appearance, bigger measurement, carbon case and high-performance coaxial movement make this Speedmaster an excellent time. (See also Moon gray and white.)
Measurement: 44.25 mm
Case Materials: Black ceramic
Bracelet: Nylon coated
Movement: Ref. 9300 Coaxial Automated Chronograph
Worth: $ 12,000

Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 45mm

The fashionable replace of the X-33, Skywalker X-33, revealed in 1998, was designed with astronauts. To do that, it has a quartz-based ana-digi show with multiple time zones, three alarms, a time system, countdown, and far more.
Measurement: 45mm
Case Material: Titanium
Bracelet: Titanium Bracelet
Motion: Ref. 5169 digital chronograph
Worth: $ 5,900

Notice: We’ve chosen solely a fraction of the seemingly limitless variety of Speedmasters. Click here to view the complete assortment


This can be a complicated line within the brand, as Omega produced many years of considerably splash-proof clothes underneath this multi-layer. On the similar time, the Seamaster line has included Omega's most strong, high-tech dive watches. This confusion isn’t utterly absent from the assembly at present, but water resistance has risen considerably over the road. Listed here are the primary Seamasters you need to know.

Diver 300M Co-Axial 42mm

Actually famous when Pierce Brosnan's costume designer decided to use the British Royal Navy sport within the 1990s, and we noticed 007 dropping Rolex Sub for Quartz Seamaster 300. Just lately, Craig drew the 300M mechanical.) 300M has retained its look and specification for a number of many years, making it considered one of Omega's most built-in fashions. The rotated helix release valve provides the clock an asymmetry of the clock, whereas the waveguide asks for a license. There are lots of choices to select from, despite the fact that we contemplate liquid blue and silver fairly a bit. Also obtainable as chronograph, valuable metals and so forth.
Measurement: 42mm
Case Material: Steel
Bracelet: Rubber
Motion: Ref. 8800 Coaxial Automated Date
Worth: $ four,900

Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Diver 43.5mm

Larger than 300M, twice water resistance, and provided in variants containing carbon instances, GMT movement, chronograph, and rather more, Planet Ocean is Omega's most superior dive watch assortment. Orange has been a well-liked colour, however because of the variety of options obtainable, there are just a few seems you possibly can't discover in Planet Ocean
Measurement: 43.5 mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Bracelet: Nylon NATO
Movement: Ref. 8900 Coaxial Automated Date
Worth: $ 6200

Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Diver Chronograph in strong purple 45.5mm

To know how far Omega takes some of its Planet Ocean fashions, take a look at this large strong gold chronograph. The identify of Omega Gold is Ceragold, and the purple tone is amazingly delicate in individual.
Measurement: 45.5 mm
Case Materials: Ceragold (purple gold)
Bracelet: Rubber Bracket Alligator
Motion: Ref. 9301 Coaxial Automated Chronograph with Date
Worth: $ 33,000.00

Aqua Terra 150M Co-axial 38mm / 41.5mm

The composition of Aqua Terra tells of the above-mentioned confusion between a gown clock and a sports activities watch, which is attribute of vintage Seamasters, but this duality can also be the power of the fashionable Aqua Terra. Sporty and durable, yet trendy and professional, so the couple matches properly with the work go well with day by day.
Measurement: 38mm or 41.5mm
Case Material: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Chrome steel strap
Movement: Ref. 8800 (38mm) or 8300 (41.5mm) axial automated date
Worth: $ 5,700 (38mm); $ 6,000 (41.5mm)

Aqua Terra 150M Co-axial GMT 43mm

This Aqua Terra is a 24-hour GMT hand the place jumping occasions are for fast setting of native time.
Measurement: 43mm
Case Materials: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Chrome steel strap
Motion: Ref. 8605 Coaxial Automated GMT with Date
Worth: $ 10,800

Aqua Terra 150M Co-axial Worldtimer 43mm

Aqua Terra approaches the tomb-horological heights when the multi-city perform and the gorgeous Earth have a central sub-switch. Obtainable in two-tone and strong gold
Measurement: 43mm
Case Material: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Leather
Motion: Ref. 8939 Coaxial Automated GMT Worldtimer Date
Worth: $ 48,600

Seamaster 300 Co-Axial 39mm

The 300 collection isn’t confused with the Diver 300M. These are usually not very strict rewrites as a consequence of trendy axial actions, but their design returns to the early divers of Omega. In 2017, Omega released numerous praise for the 1957 Trilogy, which included the Seamaster 300 (featured individually), Railmaster and the unique Speedmaster. The success of this Trilogy has proven that Omega has released these designs individually since then, and is usually troublesome to seek out due to its reputation.
Measurement: 39mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Bracelet: Leather-based
Motion: Ref. 8806 axial axial automated
Worth: $ 7,000

Seamaster 300 coaxial yellow gold 41mm

This smaller 300s classic type design, this 41mm strong gold magnificence with inexperienced dial and strap is ready to hit Emerald City and pull back the proverb curtain. Simply Omega is probably the most putting classic. Additionally obtainable in metal
Measurement: 41mm
Case Material: Yellow Gold
Bracelet: Leather
Movement: Ref. 8913 Axial Axial Automated
Worth: $ 26,500

Seamaster 1948 Co-axial Small Seconds 38mm (Limited Edition)

When platinum has virtually quadrupled the worth, this clock just isn’t weak within the wallet. The basic 1940s Seamaster design places this in the Seamaster watch clock period.
Case Materials: Platinum
Bracelet: Leather
Visitors: Reference. 8805 Coaxial Automated with Small Seconds
Worth: $ 42,700

Seamaster Bullhead Axial Chronograph 43mm (Limited Edition 669 Pieces)

What is that this? Nicely, it’s a tribute to the original Bullhead Chronograph, which was sometimes a wierd wanting 1970s design. Adore it or hate it, it took the Seamaster in a brand new course and presents an alternative choice to odd spherical watches
Measurement: 43mm
Case Material: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Leather
Movement: Ref. 3113 coaxial chronograph
Worth: $ 9,600

Ploprof 1200m coaxial 55mm

It is going to not surprise us to take a look at the followers that Ploprof continues to be in production. It’s large at 55 mm, incredibly cumbersome and, if not otherwise, an essential example of how a lot much less gadgetry is required to realize a modern ultra-deep water resistance. Nevertheless, for some, this can be a cleaning cabinet-pure magnificence.
Measurement: 55mm
Case Materials: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Chrome steel mesh
Movement: Ref. 8500 with coaxial date
Worth: $ 9,700

Observe: We now have chosen solely a part of the Seamaster line. Click right here to see the complete assortment.


Listed here are the Omega card slots in most of its diaries as we speak, principally with a vintage reference to the 1940s and 50s models, such because the so-called. -pan ”, which was an fascinating fringe telephone again to the day. Ladies's diamond-protected designs may also be found at Constellations. We have now chosen a couple of key models under.

Stellar Globemaster Co-Axial 39mm

Basic 50s design in a contemporary gown watch, Globemaster is certainly not a sports activities watch; it’s a bell-dressed bell that perfectly combines together with your hand-sewn brooches. Obtainable in metal, strong gold and two tone (right here)
Measurement: 39mm
Case Materials: Steel and gold
Bracelet: Leather-based
Motion: Ref. 8900 Coaxial Date
Worth: $ 8,600

Globemaster Axial Calendar 41mm

Obtaining an inner annual calendar motion underneath $ 10okay is actually something to think about. This time it’s a motion for the passenger who needs to make an impression, which says: ". I am a traditional, smart, and you should cut me" after 17:00 it is able to take your glasses for a closed-commerce.
Measurement: 41mm
Case Materials: Stainless Metal
Bracelet: Leather
Movement: Ref. 8922 Yr Calendar
Worth: $ eight,600

Observe: We now have selected only a part of the Constellations line. Click on here to see the whole collection


The identify DeVille emphasized many years of Omegas calling within the 50s and 60s. (General, Omega's largest buyer base was in america during this time.) At present's DeVilles is the Finns and probably the most complicated Omegas obtainable on many models that go beyond the Haute horlogerie & # 39; s clothes class. In the event you're going for classic dressing and high costs, your selection must be pleasant.

DeVille axial chronograph, strong gold 42mm

Apparently a standard but filled with high-tech parallel movement that meets Omega's important chronometer specifications for excessive mechanical time accuracy.
Measurement: 42mm
Housing Materials: Purple Gold
Bracelet: Leather
Motion: Ref. 9301 Coaxial Chronograph with Date
Worth: $ 29,000

DeVille Co-Axial Strong Pink Gold 41mm

Conventional, virtually fault, this golden clock stands out on anyone's wrist in any state of affairs in any outfit. When you like flashing, this can be omega
Measurement: 41mm
Case Materials: Purple Gold
Bracelet: Pink Gold
Motion: Ref. 8501 axial automated date
Worth: $ 33,200

DeVille Co-Axial Tourbillon 44mm (Limited Quantity)

Depending on the circumstances, strolling into a room with this clock will either point out your wealth, your lack of ability to manage your funds correctly, or your means to steal worthwhile clocks. When the zombie apocalypse comes, you might turn it into access to underground bunkers.
Measurement: 44mm
Case Material: Purple Gold
Bracelet: Purple Gold
Motion: Ref. 8501 axial automated date
Worth: $ 156,000

DeVille Hour Imaginative and prescient Co-axial 41mm

The Hour Imaginative and prescient line has a sapphire case that gives a uncommon aspect view of the coaxial motion. This window was developed early within the Omega Axis program for this objective, however it is unique inside the line to this present day. Also out there for annual calibration
Measurement: 44mm
Case Materials: Chrome steel
Bracelet: Leather-based
Motion: Ref. 8501 axial automated date
Worth: $ 7,700

DeVille Tresor Co-axial 40mm

The Tresor subline provides the good instances, valuable metals, diamonds, and often makes watches which are greatest suited for black ties and night clothes. You may need to look in case you are wanting for something to put on for caviar and Dom Perignon tear within the new yr. This nice cherry-red model celebrates the 150th anniversary of Omega.
Measurement: 40mm
Case Material: Yellow Gold
Bracelet: Leather
Motion: Ref. 8929 hand-wound axial time solely
Worth: $ 17,800

Word: We have now chosen only a part of the DeVille line. Click on here to see the complete collection.


The Specialties section consists of limited variations, one-off and particular tasks from numerous strains (together with this Olympic Pocket Watch $ 1932,109,000). In case you are wanting for something special that isn’t in the normal production mannequin, this can be a good place to start out.

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