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Updating the Tokyo Women

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Okajima Gentleman GIRL & NEWSING 1. Ikeama Natsumi Sakurada Hiyori Ihara Arusha
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  Shinshi Okajima GIRL's NEWSING Vol.1: Natsumi Ikema, Hiyori Sakurada and Arisa Sonohara

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GIRL & # 39; s NEWSING is a collection that introduces main women, regardless of the genres that act as actors, fashions, artists, idols, gravure fashions, and so forth. In this first e-book, we present Natsumi Ikeman, who performs Heroine in "Nisekoi", Hiyori Sakurada, starring within the TV drama "Anata ni wa Kaeru Ie ga Aru" and Arisa Sonohara, performing within the fashionable business "JK no LINE Aru Aru" competitions.
Women' Tradition GIRL & # 39; S NEWSING "series, featuring a noteworthy" GIRLS "mark, notable for genres such as actress, model, artist, idol, deep … etc, Author Okajima gentleman, Leading the Media "VIDEOTHINK." At his first session, "Naiekoi", the Nakaumi Ikeama, Hiyori Sakurada, who plays in the drama "You’ve gotten a home to play", introduces Yusa Izara, the subject of "JK Line."

Natsumi Ikema
Ikema Natsumi

  Natsumi Ikema_AS_ 201805

Serialized weekly by Shonen at JUMP and promoting a total of over 12 million books, the favored love comedy comedian Nisekoi anime rework was produced reside in April 2018. Attractive Zone Kento Nakajima and actress Ayami Nakajo confirmed two leaders, Okinawan actor and mannequin Natsumi Ikema, only 16 at the moment, landed on the position of a collection of heroros, Kosaki Onodera.
In the collection "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha), the cumulative variety of comics has saved over 12 million copies and the movie movie version of Nisekoi, which was also animated, was released in April It was. Attractive Zone Ken Nakajima and Actress Ayami Nakajo played W, the proprietor of a 16-year-old model, Natsum, the mannequin of Okinawa Prefecture, who was chosen because the heroine Onodera Kosaku.

He's not solely featured within the movie's foremost features, together with FT Shiseidon's "Sea Breeze Deo & Water / Body Sheet" and McDonald's "McDonald's # 39's Real Take Waffle Cone" advertisements, although Ikema was virtually unknown.
This spring, not solely within the commercials of movies, also appeared within the EFTY SHISEIDO "SEBREEZE DIO & WATER / BODY SHEET" and Japan's "Waffle Cone McDonald & # 39; Regardless of being virtually anonymous, she brought her identify tag to the subsequent break in stroke.

The Assistant Needed!

The Assistant Needed!

Originally, he was a member of the leisure agency, the production workplace, as much as the higher secondary faculty, and was an lively member of the Lollipop Dance Track Unit. She resigned to her mother and father and lately moved to her mother and father and mother and father and in 2018. She has been a member of Rising Production, the same agency as different leisure professionals, resembling Daichi Miura, w-inds. as a member of the entertainment company · Colors in native · Okinawa, and was lively as a member of the dance track "Lollipop" till highschool students. Once I graduated from high school, I left my mother and father house and moved to Tokyo this spring. Nowadays, we’re one of many great entertainment professionals · Rising Productions Miura Daichi, w-inds., Mochizuki Isaosa, have been continually knowledgeable.

Because the 1990s, there has been a gentle short-haired actor, comparable to Ryoko Hirosue, Aya Ueto, Rena Nonen (Non) and Suzu Hirose, who recurrently obtain breakthrough success. Natsumi Ikeda is now on the forefront In the event you simply come back in the 90s, the rule that younger Actors seem to have often violated Hirosue Ryoko, Aya Ueto, Renna No Near (Nan) and Suzu Hirose a. ahead and waiting for a worldwide break.

Natsumi Ikeda
Born on July 10, 2002 in Okinawa Prefecture
She belongs to Rising Production
Official website: http://www.rising-pro.jp/artist/ikema/
] Official weblog : https://ameblo.jp/natsumi-ikema/

Ikeama Natsumi (19459009) Born on July 10, 2002 in Okinawa Prefecture. Rising Production belongs.
Official Web site (http://www.rising-pro.jp/artist/ikema/)…19459009] Official Weblog (https://ameblo.jp/natsumi-ikema/),3199005] Hiyori Sakurada
Presently 15 years previous, Sakurada is a serious younger actor
Appears like the main character, Miki Nakatani, as a daughter in the presently on-going drama "You Have a House Return" (TBS). Hiyori Sakurada is a 15-year-old, young actress.

Though he is still young, he has an extended work history that works as a younger and entertaining youngsters's mannequin for youngsters's roles in 2014, when he was in fifth grade main faculty, he acquired a whole lot of attention from Wild Heroes "(2015), TV drama and film" Saki – Achighee Episode (2015) ", Saki – Achigahen – episode [20145 & 2018]and" Nigakute Amai "(2016) and" Tokyo Ghoul "(2017), which is constantly building an actor 's career
In 2014, when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, I got a lot of attention on the role of "Pia Mi" in the drama "Tomorrow, Mother Does Not Exist" (The Japanese TV series), starring "Pia Mi" in Akina's main star. Since then it has become a heroic role in the drama "Wild Heroes" (Japanese TV series, 2015), featuring drama & film "Saki – Achiga Henin Episode A" (TBS et al., 201 7 & 2018) He has been constantly pursuing his career as an actor, such as "Faint and Delicious" (2016) and "Tokyo Entry Tokyo Woman" (2017).

Sakurada belongs to the Ken-On group. It isn’t improper to say that Sakurada additionally released its first photograph album Hello yori Biyori, in 2016. Expanding on a deep-seated woman A well-liked efficiency actress simply presents her uniqueness
belongs to the office. It can be stated that Hope is a want for nice entertainment professionals who are well-known actors corresponding to Taichima Naomi, Eikura Nana, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Karasawa Shuuaki, Hayami Momomachi, Fukushi Aochi and so on. From the childhood age, its appearance overlaps with Shida's future, which continued to leap into apply in 2006. In 2016, the first photograph album "Hiyori Biyori" was released. It is distinctive that it additionally seems to be like a gravure-like improvement whereas it is an analysis end result as an actor.

<img class = "size-medium wp-image-138929 aligncenter" src = "https://data.tokyogirlsupdate.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Hiyori-Sakurada_Hiyori-Biyori-565×800 .jpg "alt =" Ken belongs to Ken She belongs to Ken
Hiyori Sakurada_ Hiyori Biyori "width =" 565 "peak =" 800 "/>

Hiyori Sakurada
Born on December 19, 2002 in Chiba Prefecture
Peak: 158 cm Hobbies: Amassing stuffed animals -On group
Hiyori Sakurada Official website: http://www.ken-on.co.jp/hiyori/
Hiyori Sakurada Official Twitter: https: // twitter .com / hiyori_staff
Hiyori Sakurada Official Blog: https://ameblo.jp/sakuradahiyori

Hiyori Sakurada (Sakura, Hiyori)
Born in Chiba Prefecture 19.12.2002. Peak: 158 cm. Pastime: Accumulating stuffed toys. Belonging to the laboratory.
Official Website (http://www.ken-on.co.jp/hiyori/)
Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/hiyori_staff)
Official Weblog (https: // ameblo Arisa Sonohara

In July 2017, LINE Company uploaded an internet business video "JK no LINE Aru Aru" when Arisa Sonohara appeared on highly buzzed movies that have now damaged greater than 3 million views, she was solely 16 years previous in the second educational yr, and
WIN's business movies, released by LINE CORPORATION last July "On JK LINE." million occasions repetition, cute expression that’s freaky and freely obtainable

She was a daily

She is a daily "LOVE berry" magazine, she additionally performs at NHK's "Suiensaassa" and TV drama sa "Saki – Achigahen
The exclusive model of the magazine" LOVE berry "(Tokuma Shoten) in the magazine Regular appearances. Incidentally, NHK's educational program "Sayer Sir" (NHK ETele), drama "Saki – Achiga Henin Section – A" (Tele – East) and "Large – n – show" Fuji Collection, Models, Varieties, Info Packages and genres do not seem to be successful.

Sonohara is linked to the SpaceCraft group, which includes Narimi Arimori, Uno Kanda and Chiaki Kuriyama, and the group can also be recognized for a very long time for youngsters's actors similar to Yumi Adachi, Yuka Nomura and Mayuko Fukuda. From July 2014 to July 2016, he was an idol group Otome Shinto, singing and dancing on stage on some of his career.
The office belongs to Yamamori Arimor, Kanda Uo, spacecraft Kuriyama Chiaki et al. Yuuka Adachi, Yuka Nomura, Maruko Fukuda and others are also recognized, and is also referred to as a long-term store for youngsters's workplaces. It was additionally a present from a born youngster who began inventive work from the age of two. From July 2014 to July 2016, she has been a part of the idol group "Otome Shinshoi" who sang and dance on stage.

 Sonohara Arisa_AS_201805

Once I interviewed her earlier in the magazine, she advised me: "Where it is part of a commercial or play sign, I want to express myself and hope to get the viewer, When I interviewed the magazine. like a CM or a game, I hope I can deliver it to anyone who looks at it, "the principal continues to be lively, the place the genre-based actor appears to haven’t decided. It's one" GIRLS "that may't overlook the development

Arisa Sonohara
Born on August 24, 2001 in Tokyo
Expertise: Ballet
He has been working in entertainment when he was 2 years previous and belongs to SpaceCraft
unique mannequin LOVE berry (Tokuma Shoten), which repeatedly seems in Suiensaa (NHK E-TV) as part of the Suiensaa women Arisa Sonohara Official website: https://sonohara-arisa.co m / liament19459009] Arisa Sonohara Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/sonohara_staff
Arisa Sonohara Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/sonohara- Arisa /

Isao Arisa (Otara · あ り さ)
Born in Tokyo on August 24, 2001. Specialty: Ballet.
Started entertainment actions for 2-year-olds. I have been working for 2 years since July 2014 as a member of the idol group "Otome Shinzo". Unique mannequin in the magazine "LOVE berry" (Tokuma Shoten). Common appearance as "Susie Sir" (NHK E TELE) as Say Sir Women. Spaceships belong.
Official Website (https://sonohara-arisa.com/) 19459009] Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/sonohara_staff)
Official Weblog (https://ameblo.jp/sonohara-arisa) Writer Profile

Shinshi Okajima
Born in 1980
Idol Professional Writer
Co-operative titles embrace The Group Idol Evolution Principle, Critical AKB Analysis, 10 Years of Idol History, and Idol Music Disc Information, she has carried out on tv and radio, ZIP, Sukkiri !, Good! Morning, 5-ji ni Muchu !, dig and far more. included within the ETICKET PRODUCTON E TICKET RAP SHOW collection, its style from Amazon
Shinshi Okajima Official Website: http://video-think.com/
Shinshi Okajima Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ ok_jm
Okajima gentleman (1959009) Born in 1980. Idol-er ikois writer. Writer and co-rapporteur "Group Idol Evolution Theory", "AKB 48 Strong Attention", "Idol 10 Years History", "Idol Music Disc Guide", and so on.
Many appearances on television and radio, similar to "ZIP" "Refresh!" (Shit), "Good Morning" (Tele Drama), "Crazy at 5!" (TOKYO MX), "Dig" (TBS).
Liable for "Media / Idle Museum" Principal Sponsored by Saitama Prefecture.
was chaired by women' cultural gear "VIDEOTHINK" and produced the E-ticket manufacturing "E TICKET RAP SHOW" collection, which includes Yoshida Ring "Rinen Rap". The DVD magazine has gained first place in the style Amazon.
Official Website (http://video-think.com/).2004/19459009] Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/ok_jm)

Translated by Jamie Koide

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Arisa Sonohara Hiyori SakuradaJapanese actorNatsumi Ikema

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  Shinshi Okajima
Shinshi Okajima

Born in 1980. Idol author His works (including joint works): "Group Idol Shinka-ron" "AKB48 Saikou Kousatsu" "Idol Gakkyoku Disc Guide" and so on. Exhibition by the Museum, organized by the Prefecture of Saitama. Director of the Idol Content material Web site "IDOL NEWSING"

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